BioSpectrum GI™ with its researched and clinically-proven ingredients support all these important aspects of GI health:

• Intestinal Wall Integrity

• Tight Junction Function

• Mucosal Barrier Support

• Immune System Modulation

• Natural Good Bacteria Proliferation

• Detoxification and Bowel Regularity

• Inflammation, Antioxidant and pH support

BioSpectrum GI™ is Doctor Formulated to provide "FULL SPECTRUM" support for the gut environment including the intestinal barrier for Optimal GI Health.

It is estimated that 8 Out of 10 people have Leaky Gut Syndrome although exact numbers are hard to ascertain.
Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS) is also referred to as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is meant to describe any form of intestinal permeability, which is higher than it ought to be. A Leaking Gut can allow food particles, toxins and microbes inside our bodies.

BioSpectrum GI is formulated to specifically address gut issues with the most heavily studied ingredients.

“Leaky gut,” or abnormal intestinal permeability, is when the gut barrier doesn’t function properly. Cells lining the gut can be damaged - or where cells are joined to each other (called “tight junctions”) are weakened - the result is that the gut lining lets things in it shouldn’t – like undigested proteins, food particles, or pathogens such as viruses or other nasty microbes.

There are many factors that cause a leaking gut. The answer is many things including but not limited to:

• Taking Oral Antibiotics
• Eating Meat from Animals Injected with Antibiotics (beef, chicken, pork)
• Drinking Water Contaminated with Antibiotics
• Consuming Alcohol Excessively
• Drinking Acidic Beverages
• Taking Pain Medications
• Taking Prescription Corticosteroids
• Eating GMO and Pesticide-Laden Foods
• Eating a Highly Refined Carbohydrate Diet

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